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  • My passion as a photographer is telling stories.

    Over the past decade, my work as a documentary photographer has been featured in world-renowned publications such as The New York Times and National Geographic. I have had the privilege to travel the world. I've used my photojournalist's eye to capture hundreds of stories across six continents. From the beauty of daily life in India to post-war Iraq and the monumental events of the 2011 Arab Spring, I've witnessed the fragility of human life and the importance of love.

    Now I’d like to tell your story. Your wedding is an historic, one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime event. It is as important to you, your loved ones and to me as any world headline. Love matters. The way your story is told matters.

    As your photographer, my goal is to capture the true character and emotions of you, your family and friends. By getting to know you before the wedding day I will ensure you are at ease with the camera and that your personality and spirit shine through the images.

    Whether you’re planning a barefoot event on a faraway beach or a black tie gala in the city, I look forward to hearing more about your plans, and even more importantly, you.

Savannah Georgia Wedding | Anna + Dane

Anna and Dane’s Savannah Georgia wedding was an exquisitely orchestrated multiday event filled with southern charm, cordiality and history. Family and friends arranged events at several of Savannah’s historic and cultural landmarks to build up excitement and celebrate Anna and Dane before the big day.

On Thursday evening, set amongst Savannah’s moss-laden trees, out-of-town guests were welcomed to historic Savannah at a party held in Madison Square. Surrounded by homes built in the 1800s, friends and family cheerfully reconnected or met for the first time over dinner and drinks.

On Friday, several ladies met for a bridal brunch at The Oglethorpe Club while the gentleman played 18 holes at The Savannah Golf Club. Both golfing and the brunch were just a warm-up to the evening’s rehearsal dinner and dancing at the prestigious Chatham Club in The DeSoto Hilton overlooking the Savannah River and the historic district.

On Saturday, the bride and her party prepared at the appropriately named, Wedding Cake Mansion, an elaborate structure with white bay windows, stained glass and ornamental ironwork. Dane and Anna had a “first look” at the mansion before their heading to The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, one of Savannah’s oldest cathedrals with a history dating back to the 1700s, by trolley. After the ceremony, the festivities returned to The Savannah Golf Club for dinner, cocktails and a whole lot of dancing to celebrate Anna and Dane’s newlywed status.

Madison Square Georgia Anna and Dane wedding Rehearsal dinner Savannah

Madison Square historic Savannah Georgia Rehearsal Dinner

The Savannah Golf Club private member-owned special events Georgia

Savannah Cathedral Oglethorpe Club Chatham Club DeSoto Hilton Georgia

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist DeSoto Hilton Savannah Georgia Wedding Venue

Oglethorpe Club Chatham Club DeSoto Hilton Savannah dancing

DeSoto Hilton Chatham Club Oglethorpe Club views of Savannah River historic district dancing

groom DeSoto Hilton wedding Savannah Georgia

Groom Wedding Savannah Ceremony Anna and Dane

The Oglethorpe Club Savannah groom wedding

Luxury Living Home Rentals Savannah Georgia Anna and Dane Wedding

Chatham Club historic Savannah bridesmaids flower girl Wedding Cake Mansion

Historic Savannah Wedding Venues Wedding Cake Mansion Anna and Dane

Wedding Cake Mansion Luxury Living Historic Savannah Wedding Venues

Groomsmen Streetcar Savannah Wedding Cake Mansion

Catholic wedding ceremony historic Savannah GA Anna and Dane

Catholic wedding Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Savannah Anna and Dane

Catholic wedding Savannah Georgia Anna and Dane Wedding Cake Mansion

Anna and Dane The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Savannah

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Savannah Georgia Streetcar Anna and Dane

DeSoto Hilton Megan Mahoney Wedding Savannah Georgia

The Savannah Golf Club Wedding Savannah Georgia bridal bouquet

Ashley Frankel The Savannah Golf Club Wedding Reception Savannah Georgia

The Savannah Golf Club Anna and Dane Wedding Savannah Georgia

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A Boston Engagement Session | Melissa + Nic

Sometimes state lines don’t mean much when you’re looking to party. A road trip of three, four, perhaps even five hours is really no big deal. So, in 2008, when Nic caught wind of his friend Theresa’s soiree, he jumped in his car in Rhode Island and headed down to her place in New Jersey.  Melissa, a mutual friend of the hostess, was also in attendance (although, being from New Jersey, she didn’t travel quite as far). Good thing Nic made the journey that night, because he and Melissa hit it off and have been in love ever since.

Nic proposed to Melissa in April 2011 while they were on a weekend trip to New Jersey from Boston to visit friends. Under the pretense of “taking some pictures on the beach”, Nic took Melissa for a drive, stopping at the inlet of Point Pleasant. They walked around, Nic snapping pictures while planning his proposal. When the couple paused near her father’s plaque at The Fisherman’s Memorial, Nic bent down on one knee and pulled out “the sparkler”. Unfortunately, Nic’s nerves had the best of him and he couldn’t speak, so, Melissa took charge and said, “Are you going to ask me something?” Luckily, he found his voice and those four magic words spilled out, “Will you marry me?”

The couple lives near Boston with their dog, Bailey. They chose locations for their Boston engagement session that were meaningful to their relationship. Our first stop was Roger’s Park, which is located a block away from Melissa and Nic’s first apartment together and where they have made great friends while socializing with their dog. We also revisited the location of their first date, Boston’s Fenway Park and the North End.

Melissa and Nic will be married at Jenkinson’s North Pavillion on Point Pleasant Beach, NJ and will follow their nuptials by celebrating with their guests at Crystal Point Yacht Club at the end of September 2012. Congratulations!

Fenway Park Ted Williams Statue Boston Engagement
North End Little Italy Boston Engagement
Rogers Park Brighton MA Engagement
Melissa + Nic
Fenway Park Engagement Green Monster Boston
Boston Engagement Photography Session
Connecticut Wedding Photographer Andrew Henderson Photography Boston MA Engagement Session

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Liberty Warehouse Wedding | Tess + Zach

I photographed Tess and Zach’s wedding celebration with their friends and family the evening before their Mormon temple ceremony. Their guests joined them at the Liberty Warehouse located in the historic shipping yards of Red Hook, Brooklyn, overlooking the New York Harbor and Statue of Liberty.

The bride, Tess, made her gorgeous ivory dress and fascinator with the help of her sisters. In their creative “Brooklyn-ETSY” style, the sisters further threaded their DIY skills into the event by requesting guests write advice and wishes for the couple on quilt squares they would later assemble. Even though the evening was grey and drizzly, the heartfelt wishes of the guests and the charm of the pre-Civil War event space warmed things right up so that no one could resist the handmade ice cream from The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. 

Liberty Warehouse Red Hook Mormon Wedding Bride Tess
Liberty Warehouse Statue of Liberty New York Harbor Brooklyn Wedding
Liberty Warehouse guests Tess and Zach wedding Brooklyn, NY
New York Harbor Liberty Warehouse DIY Wedding Quilt NYC
Brooklyn Wedding Photographer
Pier 41 Liberty Warehouse Mormon Dancing Wedding
Jeffrey Torem 260 Conover Street Tess & Zach Brooklyn Mormon Wedding
New York Harbor Pier 41 Liberty Ware House NYC LDS Wedding
Brooklyn Ice Cream Latter Day Saints Tess and Zach New York City Wedding
Liberty Warehouse handmade DIY wedding dress LDS Temple Wedding
Pier 41 Red Hook Brooklyn NYC Mormon Wedding
Statue of Liberty New York Harbor Wedding

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Dancing Machine

The vows have been exchanged, the bride kissed and dinner served. Time to hit the dance floor! (but, then again, maybe not) I photograph weddings most weekends, sometimes two. Oftentimes, the guests are tearing it up from the band’s first note to the last, yet at other celebrations, there is nary a toe tapping no matter how enthusiastic the DJ may be. So I wonder, is it the music that makes the party or is it the people? The venue? The lighting? The special cocktail named after the little town where the bride and groom met?

Whatever it is, one thing is certain, for some people, dancing comes easily, naturally, especially for the “Show Stoppers” and those with natural rhythm or a “gimmick” such as breakdancing (you know who I’m talking about, the dancers other dancers stop to watch). Of course there are those who think about dancing and terror rises in their throats and their palms begin to sweat. There are also guests who bring the lyrics to life, singing and acting out the words, maybe throwing a Running Man or a Sprinkler out there for good measure. Whatever the style and whatever the skill, I love photographing people dancing. I love to capture the vulnerability and excitement that happens when they really let go and get in to it. To capture the pure joy that beams through their expressions and the ecstatic charge that fills the room.

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Andreana + Wook | Brooklyn, New York

The bluebell is a symbol of humility, gratitude, constancy and everlasting love, necessary ingredients for a fulfilling marriage. This past May, the bluebells at the 52-acre Brooklyn Botanic Garden were in full bloom, creating not only a magnificent setting for Andreana and Wook’s wedding, but a beautifully symbolical one as well. The mothers of both the bride and groom looked as though they had been freshly picked from the gardens, dressed in traditional Korean dresses in bright pink and blue. After the ceremony, Andreana and Wook celebrated with their families and close friends at The Palm House, a Beaux-Arts glass conservatory nestled within the Gardens. 

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