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Toni and Josh | Engagement

A few weeks ago, I drove up to Boston for an engagement session with Toni and Josh, photographing them at a few of their favorite Bostonian locations: Spectacle Island, Quincy Market and Piers Park. We had a blast together. Josh said he felt like a celebrity being followed by the paparazzi.

Toni and Josh knew each other in high school but didn’t connect until a couple years later when they were home on summer break in Connecticut, Toni from UConn and Josh from the Culinary Institute in New York. Josh had a little get together at his place and from there, a four-year long-distance relationship began. While Toni was still an undergrad, there were countless trips between Connecticut and New York. Josh travelled to Italy while Toni spent a semester abroad. Toni moved to Boston for grad school and Josh to Michigan for a job. If these weren’t relationship challenges enough, Josh’s demanding schedule required him to work most weekends and many holidays.

After all the driving, flying and running around, they settled in Boston a couple years ago. Together. Toni is a pediatric dietician and Josh a chef. I’m certain the dynamics of a dietician and a chef in the kitchen can get pretty interesting. Toni told me she sometimes has to curb Josh’s liberal use of pork fat.

This past Christmas Day, Toni and Josh were at his parents’ house opening presents. It didn’t surprise her that she hadn’t yet received a gift from Josh. He often ordered her presents online, last minute, as in Christmas Eve last minute. However, after all the presents were opened, he told Toni he had a gift for her up in his parents’ room. He ran upstairs, but she didn’t follow. She didn’t suspect anything until Josh’s dad told her she really should go upstairs. When Toni went in, Josh was nervous and there was a gift bag sitting on the chair. He got down on one knee, took out the ring and nervously said, “Well….well….will you?” The answer was yes, champagne was poured and the exciting news shared with family and friends.

Toni and Josh are tying the knot at Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington, Connecticut next year. With Josh’s lead, the menu is certain to be outstanding and I’m sure their guests will love them for it! I’m looking forward to spending another day with them. I know they will be the celebrities a bride and groom are on their wedding day, and, rest assured Toni and Josh, I’ll be there to capture every special moment.


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